Critical Alignment Therapy focuses on problems related to the spine, such as back, neck and shoulder pain, RSI, hernia, pelvic complaints, radiating pain or weakness. It also fosucces on stress-related problems such as difficulty in relaxing, breathing problems and fatigue therapy classes can help you.
It improves your posture and reduces your symptoms.

Basic Principles

Exercise is easy when your body is smooth. However, stress can settle in your body and some parts of the body become stiff, while other parts become overloaded by compensation. This creates a preference attitude reinforced over the years, and eventually change the shape of your back. Of that change, you are often unaware.
Only when problems occur, it becomes a problem: A disc that gets stuck (lumbago, herniated disk) or pinched nerves and blood vessels can cause RSI.



In the therapy classes we seek the stiffness and tension in your body. Then you'll get exercises to (learn to) relax these places. Tensions fall away, your body will feel more mobile, creating a new posture. Also you'll build up strength to support that new stance.


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