Applied Yoga Integration ™ (AYI) 
with Jory Serota

- Advance your skills as a yoga teacher and mobility-minded expert through Applied Yoga Integration - 

Saturday 21 september  - 10.30 - 17.30 h & Sunday 22 september 2019 - 9.00 - 16.00 h
We are proud to announce that we are bringing Jory Serota from Applied Yoga Integration (AYI) to Europe again next September 2019.  This course is an essential part of education for yoga teachers, physiotherapists, manual therapists, personal trainers, masseurs, Pilates instructors. Led by NeuroKinetic Therapy instructor Jory Serota, who has been teaching (complex) movement patterns for 20 years.

Applied Yoga Integration - AYI

Applied Yoga Integration is a mobility system that uses yoga poses and remedial exercises for assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain.  Yoga postures, when done correctly, are assessment tools for range of motion and strength.  They are able to detect when joints are not centrated and when muscles are restricting movement.  
Applied Yoga Integration teaches you how to assess, treat and integrate yoga and functional movement into your classes and private treatments.  AYI is a yoga training that separates you from the masses and gives you the education you need to thrive as a teacher.    
When you take Applied Yoga Integration, you learn the 4 main components of pain free movement. 

 1)     Joint Mobility
2)     Functional Motor Control
3)     Alignment and Articulation
4)     Breath Awareness and Diaphragm Mechanics

 Applying these principles in your classes and private sessions will become a fundamental part of your approach to yoga and mobility.  You will gain a greater understanding of human movement and how to detect when someone is living with imbalance and compensation. 
 If you have ever:

Had questions about how to work with injuries and create functional joints… 
- Wished that you had more understanding of alignment and human biomechanics
- Had a student that doesn’t do their homework
- Noticed that perhaps there is (or should be) more to yoga than just asana…
- Wanted more training in Breath Work, Diaphragm Mechanics and Yogic Breathing…

- Sought a way to systematically assess mobility and figure out where someone’s lack

   of motion or pain is coming from…

Then Applied Yoga Integration is the course you’ve been looking for. 

About the Course

Over the weekend you are going to learn:

The importance (and how-to) of developing functional motor control.  

- Techniques for SI Joint Dysfunction.  This stubborn little pathology stumps so many

   people but it won’t stump you anymore! 

- Proven strategies to heal someone with knee pain.
- Segmental assessment of the spinal joints.
- How to increase thoracic extension.
- Tools to work with neck pain and detect exactly where the pain is coming from.
- Yogic approaches for working with improper breathing patterns.

 When you take the course, you will receive a manual filled with photos just like these.  There are about 50 of them drawn specifically for AYI Seminars and you will get to take them home with you when you leave. 
As you can see, the muscles are drawn on the picture (red is the muscle being stretched, blue the one being strengthened) and there are action arrows to show you the directions the joints often need to move to stay centrated. 

The Applied Yoga Integration approach is a paradigm shifting perspective towards yoga and movement therapy.   
Yoga injuries are on the rise and part of the reason is because there is too much passive stretching and wearing down of joints.  We need more active range control in our bodies. To learn more of AYI’s viewpoint on motor control imbalance and healthy joint articulation, please visit their blog here: 
 Be part of the movement and take the course that will revolutionize your understanding of biomechanics, 
yoga teaching, and working with injuries!

Jory Serota

Jory Serota is a body worker and yoga teacher. He is a NeuroKinetic Therapy® instructor and the founder of Applied Yoga Integration™. Jory lived in San Francisco for years where he owned Marin Sports Therapy, an orthopedic clinic that treated athletes and lay people alike.
In addition to his private practice, Jory worked for 6 years on the professional tennis circuit treating players with injuries. Since then, he has traveled and taught yoga and NKT both nationally and internationally.

Jory is known for his knowledge of physiology, warm sense of humor and joyous but firm approach to teaching. As a yoga teacher, his skilled sequences and understanding of anatomy allows his students to develop and cultivate their practice. He has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has studied for  with senior Iyengar yoga teacher, Manouso Manos for most of them.

As a body worker, Jory weaves his understanding of Motor Control and NeuroKinetic Therapy into all his treatments.  He assesses tissue functionality and joint mobility in every session.  He then uses the appropriate release techniques to eliminate pain, optimize movement capability and support the physical and emotional well-being of his clients.

More info about AYI

Want to know more about AYI? Here is a special link for more information!  
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Christa Rosenkranz - Yoga Teacher & Body Worker
I had completed my 200 hour teacher training but was afraid to teach.  I felt I did not have enough knowledge and understanding of joint mechanics and alignment to take on that responsibility.   Now, after taking AYI, I teach two prime time classes at the most prominent studio in my city.  My classes are full and I have owned my skills as a yoga teacher!

Suzanne Davis - Owner Love Yoga Studio
This is one of the few workshops I've attended where the most valuable information was offered right from the start. Jory doesn't waste any time- you get right into the material, he demos clearly and then you practice it hands on. And it was like this the entire time. Both days were packed with some of the most practical and easy to implement concepts. And it flew by.

Jessie Lam - Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Health Nutritionist 
The Applied Yoga Integration course greatly deepened my understanding of alignment, breath work, and clinical assessment. It taught me how to take the “simplest” yoga poses and turn them into something completely different. I learned new tools and cues to incorporate into my classes, private sessions (both yoga and personal training) and my own practice! There was so much valuable information, I wish the weekend were longer! I cannot wait for more courses!


Participation of this 2-day training is € 445,-