Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Weekend

with level II Authorized Ashtanga teacher at KPJAYI (Sharath Yoga Center) 

Verbeter je flexibiliteit en techniek

Bouw kracht en conditie op

Reduceer stress

Verbeter je flexibiliteit en techniek

Bouw kracht en conditie op

Reduceer stress

Ashtanga yoga, a dynamic and athletic form of yoga, not only enhances flexibility but also builds strength. This very physical practice brings clarity to the mind, sharpens focus and fosters perseverance. Eloisa Iskandar obtained her authorization to teach the Ashtanga Yoga Method in 2016 by Sharath Jois in Mysore. She is skillful teacher, who instructs with humor and compassion.

As the founder of “The New Shala” in Maastricht, she not only teaches classes but also workshops and retreats in Europe. We are very happy that Eloisa is coming to SanaYouYOGA on Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd. This is a valuable chance to practice with a teacher trained by Sharath Jois, and many other famous yoga teachers. It will be a weekend, where you have fun while learning and that leaves you inspired and light hearted!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga contains six “series” each of which has a fixed order of poses, asanas. Characteristic of the practice is Vinyasa; connecting breath to movement. Bandhas, create stability and direct energy in the body. While the Ujjayi breath (ocean breath) and drishti (focal point) maintains focus.

Ashtanga is traditionally taught in a “Mysore” style where the sequences is taught gradually under the guidance of a teacher, at their own pace and capability. Once a week, there is a the led class for the Primary Series, where everyone practices the series synchronized, led by the teacher using the Sanskrit names of the asanas and counting.

Workshop Content

During this workshop weekend you will experience several typical elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:

Saturday December 2nd - 10.30 – 12.30 Primary or Half Primary Led Class 
Eloisa will guide you through the Primary Series of Ashtanga depending on the level and energy of the group.  During this class you will experience the energizing effect of practicing the primary series as a group.  Modifications are offered for different levels of experience and there is the option to modify and skip certain poses.

Saturday December 2nd - 13.30 – 16.00 Workshop Ashtanga Basics
This transformative workshop is your key to understanding and establishing a solid foundation in Ashtanga Yoga. Delve into the rich history, philosophy, and principles that make up this ancient practice. Learn to control your breath and create a meditative flow with synchronized movements. Master the art of Sun Salutations, a dynamic series that builds strength, flexibility, and focus. Explore foundational postures, with modifications and variations to suit your needs. Uncover the energetic locks and focal points that deepen concentration and stability. Experience the power of breath awareness and guided meditation to calm the mind and enhance well-being.

Sunday December 3rd - 09.30 – 11.30 Mysore Class or Led Class
Join Eloisa for a traditional Mysore class where you can practice at your own pace and capacity and receive personalized guidance. This method follows the traditional way of teaching Ashtanga and actually requires no yoga experience at all. Upon group request, this class may be taught as a second led class.

Sunday December 3rd -13.00 – 15.30 Workshop Back bending
In this workshop, you will learn back bending asanas to counteract prolonged front body closure caused by activities like computer work or phone usage. Based on the second series of Ashtanga, you will be guided through a sequence of backbends. Techniques to progress towards Urdhva Dhanurasana and drop backs will be taught in a tailored and accessible way, with detailed explanations and divided into small steps for each individual's capabilities.

For whom?
This workshop weekend is for you if you have a some experience with yoga and are interested in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Eloisa is a skilled teacher who is able attend to beginners as well as experienced yogi's. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will go home with new insights to incorporate into your practice.


  • All Inclusive (2 x Ashtanga Class & 2 x Workshop) - € 147,50
  • One day - saturday OR sunday- ( 1 x Ashtanga Class & 1 x Workshop) - € 82,-
  • Single Ashtanga Class (saturday OR sunday) -  €25,-
  • Single workshop (saturday OR sunday) : €70,-
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Meet your teacher

Eloisa Fernández Iskandar is an skilled and joyful Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Her yoga journey began in 2011 with Liz Carrasquel in Caracas. Inspired by the dedication and love of her teacher, and seeking a change from the fast-paced city life, Eloisa embarked on her first adventure to India, where she began studying yoga with Sharat Jois at KPJAYI (now Sharath Yoga Center), in 2014. In 2016 Eloisa received the authorization “level II” to teach the system of Ashtanga Yoga.

Since then, Eloisa has traveled the world, studying with renowned Ashtanga teachers such as Laruga Glaser, Greg Nardi, Lino Miele, Ty Landrum, Eddie Stern and  Petri Räisänen.

She is dedicated to deepening her knowledge of yoga philosophy and devotional chanting, having studied with Dr. M. Jayashree and Prof. M. Narasimha at the Anatha Research Foundation.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Eloisa currently resides in Maastricht, the Netherlands and has founded “The new Shala” there.

Eloisa strives to help people finding comfort in their own skin. She provides the environment for practitioners to be able to grow at their own rhythm yet challenging themselves and to re-connect to their bodies through awareness. She vigorously seeks to support others in creating healthier relationships to themselves and the world around them.


op 2 en 3 december 2023

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